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" My mare rubbed the base of her mane through wearing her combo rug during the winter and being a skeptic I didn't think this would really work.


But I have to say I was blown away by the results in the 3 weeks I trialled this product, this is a product I'll always use."


Cindy Godstone

(on Mega-Tek Rebuilder)

EQyss Grooming product range Horse/pet/human use


EQyss are the only company that makes grooming products that do not contain ingredients that will coat or damage the hair. Their products use the finest most expensive ingredients and do not contain alcohol or detergents that strip essential nutrients and vital moisture from hair and skin. They are the only grooming products available that are manufactured with mucopolysaccharides and NaPCA, patented ingredients that accelerate the rate of moisture pulled from the air through the hair shaft to the skin of the animal over 100 times the normal rate

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