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"my horse’s mane has grown at least 3 inches in the last 6 weeks, its incredible stuff - at this rate he’ll be treading on it by the end of the year!!! "

Sandra De-Castro


"I didn't really think this would work but I was blown away by the results "

Cindy Godstone





Product #006

EQyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder


Product #006

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HorseMart Magazine awarded 5 stars in tried and tested. Voted Product of the year in Horse Journal.


MegaTek is a revolutionary formula and a technological breakthrough. Strengthens without the use of synthetic polymers, oils, or petroleum based products. Contains Hydrolyzed Keratin to penetrate through all three layers of the hair shaft. MegaTek adds strength and reduces hair breakage. If used at the root it will help to speed growth rate up between 10% - 50% ! High Keratin forumula makes hooves 30% stronger so shoes will hold better and cracks prevented. This is a must have addition to your grooming kit. If your horse suffers from mane or coat rubbed out by rugs or Sweet-itch, or if you are using combo rugs, neck covers or hoods then using MegaTek will reduce hair damage caused by friction.
Great for pets, horses and fantastic on human hair / nails

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