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"This truly is a miracle product. If I could only have one horsey product in my grooming box this would be it! No horse should leave home without this.

My mare rubbed the base of her mane through wearing her combo rug during the winter and being a skeptic I didn't think this would really work. But I have to say I was blown away by the results in the 3 weeks I trialled this product, this is a product I'll always use." Cindy Godstone

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"I just wanted to thank Tailgator for your wonderful tail bags. I have 3 traditional cobs which as you imagine take a lot of work in keeping clean. The tail bags have made such a difference to keeping them clean and tangle free." Theresa Dibblee


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TailGator Press ARticles


TailGator products have been written about in many magazines over the years. We were also very honoured to be selected to run the 'showing masterclass' with Horsemart National Magazine. The Masterclass catered for every grooming aspect, a real nose to tail guide of getting your horse to look its best for the show ring! We have included a lot of showing tips in the pages below so they are well worth a look.


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To view the articles just click on the magazine covers at the bottom of the screen and it will display a larger image above. Simply hold your mouse over the larger image and it will give you a zoom box to the right of the screen so you can easily read the magazine text.



Click on a magazine then hold your mouse over the article image to read.