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"I just wanted to thank Tailgator for your wonderful tail bags. I have 3 traditional cobs which as you imagine take a lot of work in keeping clean.

The tail bags have made such a difference to keeping them clean and tangle free.

I have had so many people comment about Maximo's tail this year - on how white and clean it is - show stewards and judges included"


Theresa Dibblee


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"without our tailbag we would have had to of shown with a fake tail"




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" His mane and tail are the icing on the cake thanks to the unique TailGator bags, Without them I wouldn’t know what to do. Tigger took the International Spotted Horse of the Year Championship To say that I was thrilled was an understatement!!"


Ronnie jones


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"Everywhere I go people ask me how I get his tail looking so good – of course the answer is it lives in a TailGator tail bag and I also use your Megatek products"


Ginny Duncan




TailGator Tail bag - for perfect tails






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Voted as a top showing product by Horse and Hound readers.

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Product #011

TailGator tail bags are made from technical fabric that is lightweight, waterproof and breathable. They provide the healthiest environment suited to hair growth & protection.

Where can you use them ?
Why use a TailGator Tailbag?


Prevents mud / dirt on tail hair
  Field Turnout Summer / winter Prevents Droppings / Urine stains
  Traveling Prevents knots
  Mares with foals at foot Reduces washing time & frequency
  Lunging Saves money from less shampoo use

Makes tail thicker over time

  Show warmup and prep Stops sun fading with UV protection
    Reduces combing time
    Easy wipe clean fabric
    Keep on for 2 weeks at a time


[Tail Bags may not be suitable for your environment if you have barb wire fencing or thorn bushes]


[The TailGator Tail Bag is an Intellectual Property Registered Design Number 4005085 owned in full by TailGator who has the exclusive right to make, use or stock any item incorporating this design and to take legal action against those who infringe The Registered Designs Act 1949 by reproducing the design in part or full ]





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Standard width will fit most tails up to thick Welsh D types. Wide is suited for Highlands, Traditional Cobs etc.

If you are not sure of the size you need measure from below the tail bone to above the fetlocks this will give you the best idea and buy one closest to that size. If you want to have a shorter bag you can always fold the tail in half before putting it into the bag

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1.Ensure that the tail is clean and dry. Use a detangler prior to combing through, as this will help remove knots and keep the tail in good condition whilst in the bag. We recommend EQyss Survivor Detangler, If you need stronger hair with faster growth use the EQyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder. Plait from below the tail bone and fasten with a hair band. If needed use bandage/ electrical tape over the band, as this will prevent the band slipping. Don't use a plaiting band as these only have a short life and will break. If the plait comes undone then the bag will not stay on



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2. With the Velcro tabs on the underside of the tail, slide the bag over the plait until it reaches the top of the plait (just below the tail bone). Feed the tabs through the seperate gaps in the pait.

facebook logo 3. Once both of the tabs have been fed through then attach them to the front of the bag and close the velcro tab. This will keep the bag securely on the tail
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4.The end result will show a tail bag that covers the lower half of the tail. The ideal length should be just above the fetlocks, so that when the horse steps backwards or rests a leg, it will not tread on the bottom of the bag. The bag can be left on for up to two weeks at a time. Remove and comb the tail out then replait and replace the bag.





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Tried and Tested: "The Tailgator tailbag is a godsend. There are many other tail bags on the market and I have tried plenty of them, but Tailgator's tail bags do work, they protect Luke's tail from breakages, and tangling, working together with Tailgators Eqyss Survivor, they keep the hairs slick and strong. The tailbag he has at the moment he has had since March of this year, and he wears it 24 hours a day. He is turned out every day and in at night."

Lindsay Robinson


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"I have used your tail bags this last winter and without a doubt they have saved my 9yr old Haflingers lovely locks. It has as you are aware been a dreadfully muddy season. Sandy has come out this spring with a wonderful mane and tail. I'm eternally grateful I found you. ...The judge was blown away with Sandy's soft and flowing mane and tail. All thanks to your fantastic products. Once again many thanks for your wonderful service and dedication to your product. "


Emma Frost


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"I still cannot believe how easy it actually is. Every two weeks I take the bag off, clean it and put some of the Survivor Detangler through and what a wonder! It smells lovely it looks lovely and it feels lovely!"


Iva Czepczorova