How to use the TailGator tail bag


If the tail is stained or dirty you will need to wash it. Lots of warm water and shampoo! Apply a leave in condioner if needed, but try to avoid putting conditoner on the very end where the hair band will be. When dry, comb out the knots.


Make a single plait that starts from below the tail bone. (Do not make it tight at the top, if you have a thick tail you might want to do two plaits one on top of the other) Secure with a hair band (not a plaiting band as they often break)


Slide the tail bag up the tail and tread the webbing attachment through one of the holes in the plait. If you tail is very long you can fold the bottom of the tail before putting it into the bag.




Tread the other webbing attachment through the other hole and close the velcro tab The tail bag is now secure on the tail as long as the plait will stay in.


The tail will now be protected in the bag and your horse is ready for being turned out in the field / travelled etc.


You can leave the tail bag on for 10 - 14 days at a time, then take it off comb and replait then put the bag on again. (All these images were taken mid winter and he still has a clean tail!)

What makes TailGator tail bags so effective

TailGator tail bags are designed and made in the UK from advanced technical fabric that is lightweight, stretch, waterproof and breathable (they are not Nylon or Lycra). They provide the healthiest environment suited to hair protection. See above how easy they are to use when covering a plaited tail [Tail Bags may not be suitable for your environment if you have barb wire fencing or thorn bushes]

[The TailGator Tail Bag is an Intellectual Property Registered Design Number 4005085 owned in full by TailGator who has the exclusive right to make, use or stock any item incorporating this design and to take legal action against those who infringe The Registered Designs Act 1949 by reproducing the design in part or full].