TailGator Tail Bag Testimonials

  • Ronnie Jones, UK

    "Top quality, low maintenance and easy to use tail bags that keep the tail in tip top condition, allowing thickness and length to develop in next to no time. His mane and tail are the icing on the cake thanks to the unique TailGator bags. Without them I wouldn’t know what to do."

  • Ginny Duncan, UK

    "I thought I’d send you a photo of my Highland Pony – Brungrange Toby. Everywhere I go people ask me how I get his tail looking so good – of course the answer is it lives in a TailGator tail bag! I’ve attached a photo of him – taken at Blenheim horse trials as we were preparing to take part in the rare breeds display "

  • Kay Sinclair-Jones, UK

    "I used to put a fake tail on Cappuccino for the showring before I discovered this product. I put in one long plait every 10 days, cover it with the bag and over the winter her tail has become strong and thick"

  • Amanda Anderson, USA

    "The first time I took the bag off I was shocked to find her tail, smooth, soft and still smelling fresh like the conditioner I used! This tail bag stays on, stays clean, doesn't pick up bedding or grass and has made Daisy's tail beautiful."

  • Angie Crane & JD Yates, USA

    "It is so wonderful to finally find a nice quality tail bag. I am hoping to have beautiful tails on all our show mares by the AQHA World Show this year. I have several problem mares that are constantly urinating on their tails and so far these have worked great!" (JD Yates has won 34 AQHA World Championships with five Super Horse Titles)

  • Iva Czepczorova, UK

    " I was tired of washing her tail and legs every time in freezing water. Then I found your website and the concept of Velcro straps pulled through a pleated tail looked very interesting. So, I thought why not have a go and here we are a couple of months later Gucci looks beautiful and her tail is long, shiny, healthy looking and CLEAN!!!! Just amazing! it feels lovely when I get so many compliments about my horse’s lovely tail. I can’t thank you enough you have changed our life and we can finally spend more quality time together out and about being admired rather than stuck in the stable washing and cleaning."

  • Emma Frost, UK

    "I have used your tail bags this last winter and without a doubt they have saved my 9yr old Haflingers lovely locks. It has as you are aware been a dreadfully muddy season, Sandy has come out this spring with a wonderful mane and tail. I'm eternally grateful I found you. The judge was blown away with Sandy's soft and flowing mane and tail. Once again many thanks for your wonderful service and dedication to your product."

  • Lindsay Robinson, UK

    The TailGator tail Bag is a Godsend. There are many other tail bags on the market and I have tried plenty of them, but TailGator's bags do work, they protect Luke's tail from breakages and tangling. The tail bag he has at the moment he has worn since March this year and he wears it 24 Hours a day.

  • Theresa Fryer, UK

    I love these bags, when compared to over an hour's work to get his mane and tail clean and tangle free, the bags are a great labour saver even without taking the advantages of damage protection into consideration. Once you have used bags, you will never regret it and wonder how you managed before.